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The Association of Consulting Forensic Engineers (then Association of Litigation Engineers) was founded in December 1982 by a group of seven Consulting Engineers who practiced as Expert Witnesses in Ireland. The Memorandum of Association defines the role of a Consulting Forensic Engineer as a person who undertakes evidential engineering investigations.

Members of the Association are Chartered Engineers (or equivalent status) who practise as Consulting Engineers either individually or as Partner in a Practice of Consulting Engineers.




The Association of Consulting Forensic Engineers (ACFE) is a company limited by guarantee. It is registered in Dublin No 93152

There are currently about 50 Members throughout the island of Ireland who practise in a wide range of areas. The common thread is that they prepare Expert Engineering Reports and give Expert Engineering Evidence to the Courts and similar tribunals. Most members work in Personal Injury litigation. Some work in the Criminal Courts and some are Professional Arbitrators. Some members specialise in narrow areas whilst others cover a wide range of work.

The Association of Consulting Forensic Engineers fulfils an educational role in that it organises an annual seminar on a topical subject or area of Practice. Some of these seminars are restricted to members whilst others are open and are attended by Practitioners in Law, Insurance and related disciplines.

In 2006 the Association introduced the 2006 ACFE Bursary Scheme as part of the commitment of its members to promoting the profession of Engineering to school leavers from less advantaged backgrounds. This is an exciting and unique development in the National STEPS Programme to encourage school leavers to study engineering and science of which the ACFE is justifiably proud.