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In a typical case there will be a fee for the inspection and fee for the preparation of the Expert Engineers Report. There will then be additional fees for preparing for and attending Court. However there are many other costs that can arise in relation to Joint Inspections, Review Reports, Review of and Advices on Pleadings, Discovery etc as well as Consultations which can add very significantly to the initial Report fee.

The fees charged by a Consulting Forensic Engineer reflect:

  • The complexity, nature and value of the case
  • The time required to do the work
  • The expertise and professional standing of the Consulting Forensic Engineer

There is a wide range in the level of fees charged by Consulting Forensic Engineers and prospective clients are recommended to seek a quote or Scale of Fees before instructions.

Taxation of Fees

In cases where the court orders that the professional fees of a Consulting Forensic Engineer are to be discharged by another Party the fees charged may be subject to Taxation by the County Registrar in the Circuit Court or the Taxing Master in the High Court. In some circumstances part or indeed all of the fees of a Consulting Forensic Engineer may be disallowed for a wide range of reasons.

Unless there has been prior agreement by the Consulting Forensic Engineer the instructing client is liable for any shortfall.